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09 November 2007 @ 06:53 pm
Another friendly mod post!  
Hi, again~ I just wanted to tell everyone that K ONE came out with a "new" album a while back (10/19). It's really like a compilation album of their older songs.. plus a couple new songs, though.

There are 3 new songs: "纪念日" (Ji Nian Re), "Turbo", and "生命舞士" (Shen Ming Wu Shi). While the other songs are from previous albums.

I'll be trying to get this CD somehow.. when I do, I'll upload it for everyone! :D.

Oh, and, they have been filming MVs for 纪念日 and 生命舞士 ^^;. If I find any uploads of the MVs, I'll direct everyone to them :D.

^___^. K ONE's alive!