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30 November 2007 @ 11:58 pm
Yet another quick mod post...  
You guys must be tired of me already >___< Sorry! However, I've just realized how much better the new S2 system is.. and I want to change the layout of the community-- thing is.. I don't really have the time to make a new layout (especially since I would need to learn S2 too).. soo...

I'm wondering if anyone in this community can make a layout for the comm? :D. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.. but pretty is always good :D (I can make headers/graphics if anyone needs me to for the layout?) And the only requirement is that it has a sidebar (since it's so much easier to navigate with those) and is able to have a tags list! Everything else is up to you~

Please, please~ I don't have any incentives at this moment.. like prizes or something :O. Buuut, if someone makes a layout for our comm, I will definitely find a way of repaying him or her :D~~

Thanks everyone!

On a side note... I have just received my copy of K ONE's newest album and single~ You know what that means ^-~!

[EDIT]: I have a quick poll for everyone.. Please fill it out if you have the time to...~! Thanks!

Poll #1098302 Test in CD Tracks~

What format text do you prefer your CD tracks in? [This is to help me figure out how to input the CD information when ripping]

Translated into English
Transcribed into Romanji (as in pinyin)
Typed directly in Chinese (or Japanese) characters
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