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14 January 2008 @ 11:08 pm
Update on the MVs  
Hey everyone!

It's been a while.. But, I have some good news~ I figured out how to change the options on the converter I was using, so the files are now pretty good quality and are the original size.

A couple notes..
~ I will only be sharing a couple of the MVs (please go out and buy your own copies and support K ONE!)
~ The files are 640x480 just because that's how it ripped from the DVD... and I didn't want to mess with the size when converting it (in case it would stretch the video or anything like that)
~ The files are .AVI with DIVX codec
~ The files are pretty big... 117 MB on average. If you really want the video, but can't deal with such a big file size, leave a comment and I might make some smaller files ^^;. (It's just that I prefer better quality.. so that's how I usually do things)
~ I will start to upload tonight.. and post them whenever that gets done- I will upload to MU only.. I'd love if someone could help me reupload to other servers, though. Please comment here or e-mail me at shinichirou_waya[at]yahoo[dot]com for more details!
~ DO NOT SHARE OUTSIDE OF THIS COMMUNITY UNLESS IF YOU RECEIVE WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ME! (any violators will be banned and files may be removed)

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Aand... a quick question. Does anyone want me to upload the "Wang Dao" MV?
okokiesokokies on January 15th, 2008 05:38 am (UTC)
wow im been wanting there MV but the quality was so bad
i look forward to the MVs ^___^